Minecraft (TV Series)

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Genre: Drama
Based On: Minecraft Characters
Developed by: Mob26
Season: 1
Original Airdate:
March 16, 2022 - present

Minecraft is an Australian animation drama television series developed for the Mobverse by Mob26, based on fictional characters. The series is set to air in August 2022.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Main[edit | edit source]

  • Steve Stonecutter as Steve Stonecutter and SteveBrine
  • Alex Stonecutter as Alex Stonecutter and AlexBrine
  • Jim Mars as Jim Mars
  • Max Car as Max Car
  • Null as Null
  • Reaper as Reaper
  • Herobrine as Herobrine
  • Entity 303 as Entity 303

Recurring[edit | edit source]

  • Derp as Derp
  • Barry Allen as Barry Allen / The Flash
  • Cisco Remon as Cisco Remon / Vibe

Guest[edit | edit source]

  • Iris West-Allen as Iris West-Allen
  • Caitlin Snow as Caitlin Snow

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Season 1 (2022)[edit | edit source]

No. Overall. No. In Season. Episode Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
1 1 "New World" Mob26 Mob26 March 16, 2022
In 2032, Steve and Alex Stonecutter have both been taken over by the evil villain Herobrine, who've taken over their souls. In 2022, Alex and Steve both work together to search for goods in caves and the overworld. They consider the Nether Realm as the "Other Side" and no-one shall go there alone. While in a server lobby known as Hypixel, Max Car and Jim Mars play Sky Wars together but the game glitches out which sends all players back to the lobby. Steve and Alex find out about this issue, get to the lobby, and uncover it's someone who goes by the name Null. Who've come to 2022 to kill Steve and Alex for what they will do in the future. Steve doesn't believe Null until he gives Steve visions of Herobrine taking over their bodies. Null teleports away, leaving Steve and Alex in shock. They return to their world and begin to create a plan to change the future.
2 2 "Fair Match" Mob26 Mob26 March 23, 2022
Knowing that they could be the doom of all living things, Steve and Alex work hard on finding out how to change their fate. Null has a visitor who wants him to increase his efficency and kill both of them before it's "too late". Jim and Max arrive in the Overworld and find Steve and Alex packing up and beginning to locate a specific person, Agent Derp. Jim and Max both join up with the duo and find out that Null has attacked them. Back in Hypixel, a swarm of Zombies and Creepers raid the lobby and cause mass destruction. Later, Null gets a message from someone who is later revealed to be: Herobrine.
3 3 "The Big Evil" Mob26 Mob26 March 30, 2022
Struggling to find out where Agent Derp is in the Overworld. Herobrine makes an appearance in the Overworld and creates a few issues for the crew. However, Steve and the others easily over come them. Null meets the group near the end of the road, and begins to attack them, and manages to kill Max. Steve attempts to end it once and for all but Null just teleports away. Later, Alex uncovers that they could easily defeat Null to change the future. Jim gives a speech on Max's life. The team must continue on and save the world. They finally arrive at Derp's palace.
4 4 "Agent Derp" Mob26 Mob26 April 6, 2022
Derp meets up with Steve, Alex, and Jim and offers them some help. Steve explains to Derp that something is going to happen in the future and they must change it somehow. Derp gets some ideas but Jim begins to doubt Derp will be any help. Steve and Alex talk about what they might need to do in order to save themselves and the world, so they setup a deal with the others to keep the Overworld safe; if they turn bad, the others must exacute them. Herobrine grants Null power of glitch.
5 5 "Null Pages" Mob26 Mob26 Arpil 13, 2022
Steve, Alex, Jim, and Derp manage to find themselves in middle of a great found Rain Forest that is populated by Ender Beas. Null locates a source of power that can give him stronger connection to the Overworld to boost his finding abilities, to help him find the crew. Null manages to do that and attacks the entire team. He mentions there isn't much time before Alex loses her sanity, and Steve will soon lose his after. Jim manages to get one punch on Null before he escapes. Herobrine arrives in the Overworld with a army of the undead and his partner in crime, Entity 303.
6 6 "The Death of Hypixel" Mob26 Mob26 April 20, 2022
Entity 303 attacks the Hypixel community destroying the main lobby. Sending a infinite wave of Mobs, and lagging players out before he kills them. Steve and Alex find out about this event and join it to save the community. By the time Steve and Alex get to the lobby, everyone and everything has been destroyed and Entity 303 has left. Jim and Derp work out that both Entity 303 and Null are working for Herobrine and in order to protect the future, they must kill Herobrine. Steve and Alex return and find out the truth. Alex and Steve a teleported randomly apart and must uncover the truth. Alex is met with Null. While Steve is met by Herobrine. Both in the year 2032.
7 7 "Time Travel" Mob26 Mob26 April 27, 2022
The crew meet up with Barry Allen, aka The Flash, and ask him to take them to 2032. Vibe and Flash both join up with the crew but must do it without their powers in order to stay hidden from the evil eye in 2032. They must find Steve and Alex. Alex fights Null and manages to freeze him in cryo ice, which kills him, Barry uses his powers to get Alex back. But is unable to find or locate Steve. Steve is having a conversation with Herobrine and revealing true facts. Herobrine reveals he never took over their bodies but will. Before Herobrine could do anything, Barry manages to get Steve back with the crew and Herobrine promises he'll kill them all for what they've done.
8 8 "The Guy Who Was Struck By Lightning" Mob26 Mob26 May 4, 2022
Barry Allen is a C.S.I worker for Central City Police Department who is always late to his job. One night, Dr. Wells has managed to turn on the Particle machine but it explodes sending out a wave of Dark Matter, which Barry is struck by lightning by. Nine months later, Barry finds out that he has the power of Super Speed and begins testing his limits. When a superpowered villain known as Weather Wizard attacks downtown, Barry rushes in to stop him, but things go awry and cause Barry to get sent to a world full of more evil. The Overworld.
9 9 "The One With The Strong" Mob26 Mob26 May 11, 2022
Alex and Steve uncover that the end battle will take place soon, but they need to find out where and when exactly. Derp and Jim connect more. Herobrine uncovers that Null has been defeated and killed and must recover his intel he stole when facing Alex. Barry uses his powers to scan through the Overworld and uncovers that Entity 303 is in the world but not near them. Alex, Steve, and Jim all work together to open a portal to the Nether but Derp knows they may be wrong.
10 10 "The City of Hope" Mob26 Mob26 May 18, 2022
Barry returns to Central City and meets up with Iris West-Allen and Caitlin Snow to talk about his use of powers. He knows he's messed up with the timeline but must do something that will turn the tide of the battle against Herobrine. Barry travels back in time and stops Max from being killed. Barry returns to 2032, and meets up with the crew who somewhat doesn't remember much of what happened. Alex reveals that Null is still at large. Barry admits what he did and tells Steve that Max was meant to die which put everyone at a disadvantage so he brought him back. Steve agrees. Herobrine prepares for war. Cisco begins to lose his powers due to a timeline change.
11 11 "Herobrine's Pending Damage" Mob26 Mob26 May 25, 2022
Alex learns of Herobrine's where abouts and finds out it's in fact in the Nether, but to open a portal, they must get a Flint and Steel device that will ignite the portal open. Upon learning where to find one, Barry goes gets it. But in horrible luck, Herobrine meets Barry there and disables his speed. Two hours later, Barry returns to the group with the Flint and Steel but also reveals he has lost his speed. Steve begins to plan how to get him his powers back. While, Derp and Jim uncover the truth behind Herobrine's plan and tries to stop the team from turning on the Nether Portal... but it's too late.
12 12 "Alex vs. Null, Part 1" Mob26 Mob26 June 1, 2022
With Null attacking the team again, Alex reveals the way to defeat him. The way of Cryo Freeze. A method used against immortals. Steve and the crew tell Alex she can focus on ending Null, while Steve, Derp, Barry, Cisco, and Jim work on saving the world from the open Nether Portal as it's revealed that endless waves of Zombie Pigman swarms through of it. Alex goes off on a hunt for Null and finds him at a mountain top, where Alex hides the Necro Ice sword device that can kill Null. Null arrives with a all new type of sword which easily defeats Alex. Back with the others, they prepare to end Herobrine but Barry uncovers that he has created a new timeline which will settle into place in a few weeks.
13 13 "Alex vs. Null, Part 2" Mob26 Mob26 June 8, 2022
Alex manages to pin Null to the ground and freeze him, which kills him, Alex gets back to the crew, but in return, she fights another foe who calls himself Reaper. Herobrine changes the timeline to change Steve and causes him to turn into Herobrine too. SteveBrine manages to get to Herobrine and they both join forces to take over the Nether Realm, banishing all the Zombie Pigman from the Overworld and Nether. Alex manages to find a way to bring Barry's powers back and it successfully works.
14 14 "Union 303" Mob26 Mob26 June 15, 2022
Entity 303 and Reaper join up to cause trouble in the world. The crew fail to locate Steve, causing Alex to worry. Barry scans the world using his speed and manages to find Steve. He confronts him and stops Entity 303, until he finds out Steve has been taken over by Herobrine. SteveBrine tells Barry that it's his fault he is like the way he is. Alex she also has been taken over, but can still control her actions, she is now AlexBrine.
15 15 "Endgame" Mob26 Mob26 June 22, 2022
AlexBrine and the team manage to locate SteveBrine, but it comes at a cost of fighting past foes as Ghosts. But AlexBrine gets ahead and finds SteveBrine. They fight but It's comes to AlexBrine sending SteveBrine off a cliff in the nether. Barry helps by saving SteveBrine. AlexBrine hugs SteveBrine which gives Steve back control. Steve and Alex reclaim their names and brings the fight to the enemies. Herobrine, Entity 303, and Reaper begin to empower the Empty Dimension.
16 16 "End of My Beginning" Mob26 Mob26 June 29, 2022
Steve, Barry, Cisco, Alex, Jim, and Max bring the fight to the enemies. Herobrine, Entity 303, and Reaper. Who've set up base in the destroyed lobby of Hypixel. Upon arrive, something goes wrong. Steve is sent to the Empty Dimension on command of Herobrine while Entity 303 and Reaper attack the crew. In the empty Dimension, Steve is left alone to find a way to escape. But, he uncovers that Herobrine is in the place too. In the Overworld, the Crew manage to kill both Entity 303 and Reaper. Alex tells Barry that Steve is in the empty dimension and the only way for them to enter is a portal. Barry creates the portal for the crew to go into; but it comes with his life. The crew find Steve fighting Herobrine but things look down when Herobrine manages to get Steve down, the crew face him, Herobrine freezes all except Steve. Steve breaks the curse; removing all that Herobrine has in powers. Steve and the Crew return to the Overworld. Cisco asks to stay with Steve and Alex. While, Max and Jim leave the place to find home somewhere else. Steve and Alex build a city, and name it "Diamond Hill".

Season 2 (2023)[edit | edit source]

No. Overall. No. In Season. Episode Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
17 1 "Diamond Hill" Mob26 Mob26 February 8, 2023
Two months have passed since the rage of Herobrine and things have gotten back to normal. Steve has been suffering huge issues from the rage of Herobrine, while Alex has been aiding him. Cisco Remon has been living a normal life after he's completely lost his powers. Derp finds a key source that leads him into a big company that bids big deadly weapons. While, Alex continues to build a big tower. Later, Derp recruits Cisco to help him on the mission to take down the big company.
18 2 "Big Cave Experience" Mob26 Mob26 February 15, 2023
When Alex runs out of blocks to build her tower, she goes into a cave to find some more. But things go wrong when she finds a former threat, Warewolf, hiding in the dark, alone. She talks to him and asks him to return to Diamond Hill to reveal some old untold stories. Max and Jim return from their holiday trip and buy a home in Diamond Hill. Steve is still struggling to move forward but gets out of the house anyway. Warewolf goes rogue and ends up giving Alex a injury; Steve stops him and puts him in a Cell in prison. Meanwhile, Derp and Cisco meet a dead end which Derp thinks is wrong. Cisco reveals to Derp that he is gonna try to get his powers back.
19 3 "The Speed Force Awakening" Mob26 Mob26 February 22, 2023
Cisco reveals to Steve, Alex, Jim, Max, and Iris West-Allen that Barry might be in the Speed Force after his "Death". The Team begin to plan to make a portal to help him get him out; while, Cisco feels useless as he could've used his powers. Derp reveals new gloves that replicate Cisco's powers and helps the team get Barry out of the Speed Force. Barry reveals that he changed the timeline and that cost Cisco his powers. Cisco forgives Barry. Iris reveals to Barry that they found a keynote stating he is meant to die in 3 years. Elsewhere, Derp and Cisco secretly and silently break into Newman Company to steal some intel to get closer to who is behind it all.
20 4 "Vibe Reborn" Mob26 Mob26 March 1, 2023
Cisco manages to uncover some important details on the investigation he and Derp are doing. While, Barry is angered when he faces the man in a yellow suit, aka, the Reverse-Flash. Barry fails to stop him. Cisco and Derp make it clear to each other not to tell the others about the investigation. Steve and Alex go out on a date, and Steve proposes to her. But Steve falls into a coma. Later, Barry learns that the Reverse Flash is Eobard Thawne and is back to get revenge for the timeline change.
21 5 "Armegeddon" Mob26 Mob26 March 8, 2023
Thawne reveals that the time will come that he will kill The Flash and sacrifice himself in order to save the world; but when Cisco vibes Thawne and uncovers that he isn't lying - who again is willing to destroy a world to get what he wants, they both tell Thawne they'll try to fix it. Thawne gives them 2 weeks to save the world or Barry will die. Later, Alex begins to worry that the coma Steve has fallen into won't end anytime soon.
22 6 "The Long Waited Upon Glitch" Mob26 Mob26 March 15, 2023
When Alex uncovers a funny glitch in the Overworld; she attempts to use to bring Steve out of his coma. Which works for a few seconds but he suddenly falls back into one. This time with a life-span of 3 hours. Alex, Max, and Jim join up to find out how to bring him back but it's revealed by the doctor's that he has passed away. Alex travels to days before the coma and takes him with her back to 2023. Eobard overwatches them and sends Barry a message he must let Steve die in order to save the timeline.
23 7 "The Real and the Fake" Mob26 Mob26 March 22, 2023
Barry reveals the truth to the others, which Alex refuses to listen and tells Barry he should be ashamed of himself. Barry mentions he can fix it by changing the timeline once again, but it requires them to bring back SteveBrine, which will allow Alex to transform him back into Steve. The present Steve dies, and Barry returns to the past and grabs Stevebrine, and sacrifices himself to transform him into Steve. Along with Barry's death, Cisco, Iris, and Eobard are erased from the timeline. Alex and Steve reunite, thank Barry for the sacrifice he made, and learn that the timeline changed and begin to locate the changes. Elsewhere, Warewolf escapes prison and seems to be much more powerful than ever.
24 8 Mob26 Mob26
25 9 Mob26 Mob26
26 10 Mob26 Mob26
27 11 Mob26 Mob26
28 12 Mob26 Mob26
29 13 Mob26 Mob26
30 14 Mob26 Mob26
31 15 Mob26 Mob26
32 16 Mob26 Mob26

Production[edit | edit source]

Development[edit | edit source]

Mob26 confirmed that the show is greatly inspired by Superman & Lois' formula in action; there will be 15 episodes in the first season.

Writing[edit | edit source]

Mob26 confirmed that each episode will last 10 pages each.