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- Grant Gustin
- Candice Patton
- Danielle Panabaker
- Carlos Valdes
- Kayla Compton
- Brandon McKnight
- Jesse L. Martin
Season: 6
Original Airdate:
March 8 – July 5, 2022
Season chronology
Previous Season:
Season 5
Next Season:
Season 7

The sixth season of the American television series The Flash, which is based on the DC Comics character Barry Allen / Flash, premiered on The CW on October 8, 2019. The season follows Barry, a crime scene investigator with superhuman speed who fights criminals, including others who have also gained superhuman abilities. It is set in the Arrowverse, sharing continuity with the other television series of the universe, and is a spin-off of Arrow. The season is produced by Berlanti Productions, Warner Bros. Television, and DC Entertainment, with Eric Wallace serving as showrunner.

The season was ordered in January 2019, and was originally planned to have 22 episodes. Filming began that July, and production was shut down in March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving the season with only 21 episodes. Grant Gustin stars as Barry, with principal cast members Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, Carlos Valdes, Hartley Sawyer, Danielle Nicolet, Tom Cavanagh, and Jesse L. Martin also returning from previous seasons, while LaMonica Garrett was promoted to series regular from his guest status in season five. They are joined by new cast member Efrat Dor while former series regular Keiynan Lonsdale makes a guest appearance. The series was renewed for a seventh season on January 7, 2020.

Mob23 takes the series' over from Episode 10 of the series.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

No. Overall. No. In Season. Episode Title Directed by Written by Original airdate
Graphic Novel #1: Blood and Truth
115 1 "Into the Void" Gregory Smith Eric Wallace & Kelly Wheeler October 8, 2019
Moments after losing their daughter Nora West-Allen, Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen find her message destroyed. Four months later, they have seemingly come to terms with what happened, but their friends are not convinced. While recovering Nora's discarded suit at the junkyard, Iris is nearly pulled into a black hole. Her investigation into what caused it leads her to Chester P. Runk, who built a machine to open black holes but wound up catatonic after half of his consciousness was absorbed into one. Even worse, the black hole opens over Central City, much larger than before. Using tech from Nora's back-up gauntlet, Barry dives into the black hole, retrieves Chester's consciousness, and puts it back into him, restoring him and closing the black hole. Meanwhile, Caitlin Snow helps her personality Frost learn how to live her own life and tries to dissuade her colleague Ramsey Rosso from using dark matter to cure his patients. Rosso ignores Caitlin's warnings and tests his cure on himself, only to exhibit metahuman powers. Elsewhere, Barry and Iris learn that the Monitor destroyed Nora's message to discourage Barry from changing his fate during the impending "Crisis", as the Flash must die so billions can live.
116 2 "A Flash of the Lightning" Chris Peppe Sam Chalsen & Jeff Hersh October 15, 2019
Refusing to give up hope, Barry decides to time travel to the day after he disappeared to find out what really happens during the Crisis. However, an anti-matter barrier prevents him from getting there. After suffering a unique wound, he travels to Earth-3 to see Jay Garrick and his wife, Joan Williams. Using a machine Jay built, they send Barry's mind through the anti-matter wall, causing him to see billions of timelines where the multiverse is destroyed and one where he dies saving it. The experience leaves him unsure of what to do, though Joe West later reassures him his death is not a sign that he gave up. Meanwhile, Cecile Horton takes on a case involving young meta Allegra Garcia. The former's empathetic powers tell her Allegra is innocent, so Cecile asks she be released. However, Allegra turns up at a crime scene having seemingly killed someone. Even in spite of Joe's skepticism, Cecile still believes Allegra is innocent. Just then, Allegra's meta cousin, Esperanza, attacks CCPD to kill her. Barry defeats her and clears Allegra's name. Following this, Cecile decides to become a defense attorney for metahumans. Elsewhere, Rosso continues to learn more about his powers.
117 3 "Dead Man Running" Sarah Boyd Lauren Barnett & Thomas Pound October 22, 2019
Rosso inadvertently turns gunrunner Mitch Romero into a zombie, leading to the latter attacking and killing his own crew in search of dark matter to strengthen himself. Barry and Frost investigate, though the former also works to help her learn how to go on without him following the Crisis and how to live her life to the fullest. Using Caitlin's memories, Frost immediately suspects and tracks down Rosso, whom Barry convinces to help. Though Rosso nearly steals dark matter while at S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry persuades him not to, bonding over their borrowed time after Rosso reveals he is dying of HLH, the disease which took his mother. Romero gets inside S.T.A.R. Labs, where Rosso learns he can control him prior to Barry and Frost overdosing Romero on dark matter to destroy him. Meanwhile, Iris and Cisco Ramon briefly encounter adventurer Harrison Nash Wells, who has come to Earth-1 in search of a substance called "eternium". Ultimately, Barry and Iris come clean with Team Flash about the former's fate in the Crisis while Rosso discovers he can manipulate the blood-like substance Romero produced and use it in his cure, quickly developing a desire for more.
118 4 "There Will Be Blood" Marcus Stokes Lauren Certo & Sterling Gates October 29, 2019
While Rosso steals more blood for his cure, flashbacks show how he once cared for his mother before she was diagnosed with HLH and how he became upset with her for apparently giving up before she died. While Team Flash processes what Barry and Iris told them, Cisco refuses to accept it and vows to save him. In response, Barry decides to train Cisco to become the new leader of Team Flash after he is gone by working with him to save Rosso. Nash appears and offers his assistance in exchange for a "crypto-circuit" he claims only Cisco can build. The three raid McCulloch Technologies for a regenerating serum, though Cisco pockets it to save Barry instead and claims it was sold off. Barry later finds out and they have a falling out. Barry gives the serum to Rosso, hoping it will save him, but it does not work, causing Rosso to realize he needs blood flooded with adrenaline to save himself. He attacks the hospital and kills several people even in spite of the Flash and Frost's arrival before escaping. As Barry vows to stop him, he and Cisco mend their friendship. Elsewhere, Nash tracks the Monitor's movements.
119 5 "Kiss Kiss Breach Breach" Menhaj Huda Kelly Wheeler & Joshua V. Gilbert November 5, 2019
Barry and Iris go on vacation, leaving Cisco in charge while they are gone. Suddenly, Breacher appears and tells Cisco that Cynthia was murdered by a hacker she was hunting named Echo. Cisco works with Breacher and the Collectors to figure out who Echo really is, only to learn it is seemingly him. Breacher nearly kills Cisco, but ultimately relents and chooses to give him an hour to turn himself in. Upon further investigation, Cisco discovers Echo is actually his Earth-19 doppelgänger, who used their shared face to frame his Earth-1 counterpart. After a confrontation, Cisco manages to trap Echo so the Collectors can arrest him. Breacher apologizes to Cisco as they both realize Cynthia lured Echo to Earth-1 knowing Cisco would be able to bring him to justice. Meanwhile, Rosso offers Caitlin immortality in exchange for joining him, but she declines. He disavows her as a friend and escapes. Elsewhere, Joe tracks Nash in the sewers, but both become trapped in it until Ralph Dibny rescues them. After Team Flash offers to help, Nash reluctantly agrees and tells them he knows how to save Barry from his impending death.
120 6 "License to Elongate" Danielle Panabaker Thomas Pound & Jeff Hersh November 19, 2019
Ralph follows up on a lead regarding Sue Dearbon, whom he has been searching for since the past summer, in Midway City. Barry, wishing to help Ralph live without him following the Crisis, asks to come along. While infiltrating a criminal gala however, Barry tips their hand and arouses the suspicions of the host, Remington Meister, who allied himself with an escaped Esperanza. While searching for Dearbon, Barry accidentally gets himself and Ralph captured and left to die. As Ralph teaches Barry that both of their identities are important, they manage to escape, defeat Esperanza, and foil Meister's auction, though they do not find Dearbon. Later, Barry holds a press conference to officially recognize Elongated Man as one of Central City's protectors, and Ralph and Joe surprise Barry by honouring him too. Meanwhile, Nash asks Allegra for help, requiring her abilities to illuminate a wall filled with eternium, which will destroy the Earth if struck. She hesitates, fearing she will turn out like Esperanza, but Nash assures her that will not happen unless she chooses to, so she assents. Elsewhere, Cecile helps Chester get his life back now that his powers have stabilized. After Ralph tells Iris Esperanza and her mysterious benefactors turned up at the gala, Rosso attacks him.
121 7 "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1" Chad Lowe Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza November 26, 2019
Despite Ralph's best efforts, Rosso drains his blood. Frost gets Ralph to S.T.A.R. Labs, where Barry gives him a blood transfusion. However, a trace of Rosso's blood enters Barry's bloodstream; causing him to pass out. The Speed Force, in the form of his mother Nora Allen, tells him that Rosso's blood contains his consciousness and is slowly infecting him as well as grants him access to Barry's mind, including knowledge of his secret identity and impending death. Using his memories against him, Rosso tries to convince Barry to join him, promising him the power to avert not only his death, but countless others. The Speed Force tries to dissuade Barry, but accidentally provokes him when he surmises he was their pawn and he will never get what he wants while serving it. Cisco and Frost eventually revive Barry, but when Iris comes to check on him, she quickly realizes it is not him. Fully infected, Barry attacks his friends and reports to Rosso, who is ready to enact his masterstroke. Elsewhere, Iris, Kamilla, and Allegra investigate the organization that turned Esperanza into a killer. They learn the group's name, Maelstrom, but their only lead is mysteriously killed.
122 8 "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2" Michael Nankin Kristen Kim & Joshua V. Gilbert December 3, 2019
With Barry under his control, Rosso attacks Central City and converts most of its citizens into his "Blood Brothers and Sisters". Cisco and Iris disagree over how to save Barry and stop Rosso, but both of their plans fail. However, Rosso chooses not to convert them in favor of enacting the final phase of his plan: taking S.T.A.R. Labs' particle accelerator to spread his blood across all of Central City. As he makes his way inside, Cisco and Iris realize that during their last encounter, Barry used his connection with Rosso to secretly save them and tell them how to beat Rosso. Using a combination of Rosso's blood, the particle accelerator, and Allegra's powers, Team Flash subvert Rosso's plan to cure Central City of his influence. With his plan foiled, Rosso transforms into a blood monster to kill Barry and begin anew, only to be distracted by a hallucination of his mother long enough for the speedster to trap him in Chester's prison. While Rosso is transferred to A.R.G.U.S.'s custody, Team Flash spend their last moments before Crisis together just as red skies loom over them. Meanwhile, Nash uncovers a wall of symbols before a blinding light pulls him inside.
123 9 "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three" David McWhirter Eric Wallace December 10, 2019
Ray Palmer's "Paragon Detector" identifies Barry, J'onn J'onzz, and Ivy Town scientist Ryan Choi as the remaining three, so Ralph, Iris, and Ray leave to recruit Choi. After the Monitor restores Cisco's powers, Team Flash and Nash (now Pariah) return to the chamber the latter found, where they discover an anti-matter cannon and Earth-90's Barry powering it. Cisco successfully frees him, but the cannon starts going critical, so Pariah recruits Black Lightning from another Earth to help contain the energy. As Barry prepares to destroy the cannon, Earth-90 Barry stops him so he can sacrifice himself in his place. Elsewhere, John Constantine, Mia Smoak, and John Diggle visit Lucifer on Earth-666 to get Oliver Queen's soul back, which they find in Purgatory. Before they can leave, Jim Corrigan appears so he can pass the Spectre's power onto Oliver. He accepts and Constantine's team is sent back without him. While the heroes regroup, the Anti-Monitor sends a brainwashed Harbinger to attack them and kill the Monitor so he can finish destroying the multiverse. Before he and the rest of the team is killed, Pariah teleports the Paragons to the Vanishing Point, where they learn Lex Luthor used the Book of Destiny to replace Earth-96's Superman with himself.
This episode continues a crossover event that begins on Supergirl season 5 episode 9 and Batwoman season 1 episode 9, continues on Arrow season 8 episode 8, and concludes on Legends of Tomorrow's special episode.
Graphic Novel #2: Reflections and Lies
124 10 "Marathon" Stefan Pleszczynski Sam Chalsen & Lauren Barnett February 4, 2020
Following Oliver's sacrifice while averting the Crisis, Iris, Allegra, Cecile, and Kamilla Hwang form Team Citizen to investigate a secret organization called Black Hole and McCulloch Technologies. While investigating the latter, its CEO Joseph Carver denies any connection to the former. Despite this and Cecile's legal advice, Iris writes a story on their work, prompting Black Hole to hire metahuman assassin Kimiyo Hoshi to kill her. Meanwhile, Diggle arrives in Central City to return the mask Barry gave Oliver the first time they met to him. Barry notices traces of Mirakuru serum on it and, believing it contains a warning Oliver left behind regarding a new threat, heads to Lian Yu, where Diggle helps him come to terms with Oliver's death. Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Team Citizen sets up a trap for Hoshi while Iris blackmails Carver. Under duress, he calls off the bounty and suggests his missing wife Eva McCulloch is involved. While investigating further, Iris is pulled into a mirror. Elsewhere, still reeling from what happened during the Crisis and feeling guilty for taking the metahuman cure beforehand, a newly depowered Cisco decides to leave Team Flash to catalogue all the changes that occurred.
125 11 "Love Is A Battlefield" Mob23 Mob23 February 11, 2020
Barry and Iris' Valentine's Day date is interrupted by Amunet Black, who steals a valuable briefcase containing a mysterious device. The two track Amunet to Ivo Labs, where she is confronted by her ex-boyfriend, Goldface, who then escapes with the device she was attempting to steal. Barry and Iris witness the confrontation before leaving with the device. After a brief argument with Barry over life choices, Iris allies herself with Amunet. Barry later encounters Amunet and Goldface while they are fighting over a Rappaccini's Daughter flower they both want before stopping them by exposing them to its pollen, allowing the two crime lords to reconcile, as well as Barry and Iris. Unbeknownst to him, the Iris that he worked with the entire time is an impostor as the real one is still trapped in the mirror at McCulloch Tech. Meanwhile, Frost convinces Allegra to reconnect with her ex-boyfriend. After Nash provides additional advice, he sees hallucinations of his doppelgänger, Harry Wells.
126 12 "A Girl Named Sue" Sudz Sutherland Kelly Wheeler & Jeff Hersh February 18, 2020
In the mirrorverse, Iris meets Eva, who has been trapped there ever since the particle accelerator knocked her in six years prior. Recalling Sam Scudder, Iris suggests using liquid nitrogen to shatter the mirror so they can escape, but it fails. Distressed, Eva discovers she can control the mirror. Meanwhile, Iris' double asks for the mirror gun, but Barry denies her. She heads to the S.T.A.R. Labs archives to retrieve it, but leaves after bumping into Nash while he was retrieving Harry's journal. Elsewhere, Ralph tracks down Sue, but she claims she cannot go home because she is being targeted by gangster, John Loring. Ralph joins forces with her to take down Loring, revealing his secret identity to her in the process. However, Sue double-crosses Ralph to steal a diamond. Loring catches Sue red-handed, but Ralph saves her. Suddenly, Esperanza arrives to kill Sue. The two fight until Sue tricks Esperanza and Ralph in order to escape. Elsewhere, Joe comes to Barry with evidence of a mole inside CCPD, telling him that only family can be trusted. In response, Barry is convinced to give "Iris" the mirror gun. While investigating the diamond, Sue uncovers Black Hole's symbol.
127 13 "Grodd Friended Me" Stefan Pleszczynski Thomas Pound & Lauren Certo February 25, 2020
While looking for the cemetery where his parents are buried, Barry finds Hartley Rathaway robbing a jewelry store. Kamilla and Chester provide assistance as the rest of Team Flash is busy, but Hartley escapes. While updating Gideon, Barry accidentally ends up in Grodd's mind while the latter is still in a coma. Grodd tells Barry that, because of the Crisis, he wants to make amends for what he has done and return to Gorilla City to live in peace. Barry does not believe him but, when he tries to escape, he is stopped by the "gatekeeper", a manifestation of Solovar. After Barry reconciles with Grodd, they work together to defeat Solovar while Chester helps separate their minds. Following this, A.R.G.U.S. arranges for Grodd to be released on probation. Meanwhile, Iris and Eva make another attempt to escape the mirrorverse, but the latter burns her arms. When Iris leaves to get bandages, Eva contacts mirror Iris, who suffered the same injuries while working for her before Eva heals them. Elsewhere, Allegra learns she had a doppelgänger who worked for Nash. When Nash tries to explain himself, he hallucinates another doppelgänger of his, Sherloque Wells, warning him that "he is coming".
128 14 "Death of the Speed Force" Brent Crowell Sam Chalsen & Emily Palizzi March 10, 2020
Wally West and Cisco return to Central City, with the former revealing that the Speed Force is dying and all speedsters will permanently lose their powers in a few weeks. At first this is assumed to be the result of Ramsey Russo 'infecting' Barry during their final confrontation, but Barry enters the Speed Force and confirms that this is actually the result of Oliver enhancing Barry's speed during the Crisis, the Speed Force expressing understanding of the situation given the desperation of the original situation. Meanwhile, Frida Novikov, a metahuman who can manipulate time, attempts to exact revenge against those who ruined a past crime spree she committed. Dubbing her "Turtle II", Cisco develops the Velocity-X serum to negate her powers and, with Barry and Wally's help, Joe eventually manages to arrest her. Following this, Cisco is attacked by Eobard Thawne, who took possession of Nash's body, but cannot access his speed as his host does not have powers. Cecile incapacitates him, allowing Team Flash to imprison him in S.T.A.R. Labs. After Thawne reveals that he still has access to the Negative Speed Force, Barry gets the idea to create an artificial Speed Force to save himself. Before he leaves, Wally voices his suspicions about Iris to Joe. Elsewhere, Kamilla discovers evidence of mirror Iris' true nature, but the duplicate shoots her with the mirror gun to silence her.
129 15 "The Exorcism of Nash Wells" Stefan Pleszczynski Kristen Kim & Joshua V. Gilbert March 17, 2020
A Mirror Kamilla is created to replace the real one. Joe informs Chief Singh of the CCPD mole, but receives skepticism. Elsewhere, Cisco gives Barry a "Speed Gauge" to monitor his waning powers before building a device to "exorcise" Thawne, who was fused with Nash alongside the other Wellses following the Crisis. While inside Nash's head, Cisco, Cecile, and Barry learn that Thawne is using Nash's traumatic past with Allegra's doppelgänger, Maya, against him. With this knowledge, they help Nash come to terms with her death and expel Thawne. Meanwhile, Eva sends Mirror Iris and Mirror Kamilla to steal a Prismatic Refractor from Mercury Labs, only to find Black Hole operative "Sunshine" beat them to it. They call in Frost and Flash but, despite using Velocity-X, Flash's speed falters and Frost is nearly killed, though CCPD intervenes and forces Sunshine to escape. After "Iris" reminds him of the idea of limits, Barry works with CCPD to trap Sunshine in his lab with the windows shuttered, blocking her powers. While arresting Sunshine, Singh suspects she was the mole because of her powers. Following his experience with Thawne, Barry decides to use his daughter's journal to create his artificial Speed Force while the mirror clones deliver the refractor to Eva.
130 16 "So Long and Goodnight" Alexandra La Roche Kristen Kim & Thomas Pound April 21, 2020
As Iris acclimates to the mirrorverse, she reveals to Eva that her husband is the Flash, who might be able to save them if they can communicate with him. Eva directs Mirror Iris to ensure Barry loses his speed. Meanwhile, Carver hires Rag Doll to kill Joe. After his car is sabotaged, Singh urges Joe to go into witness protection, but he refuses. Rag Doll attacks Joe, who gets shot when Barry fails to catch all of the bullets. While Joe tries and fails to get evidence on Carver, Rag Doll kidnaps Cecile. Barry battles Rag Doll while Joe rescues Cecile. These incidents convince Joe to take Singh up on his offer, while Singh is revealed to be another of Eva's duplicates. Eva has a mirror sent to Carver to give him one more chance to apologize to her, but he refuses and destroys the mirror. Mirror Iris is furious that Barry failed to protect Joe and that she could not say goodbye to him, and kicks Barry out of their apartment. Meanwhile, Ralph and Cisco find Sue robbing Carver's banks, who she claims is blackmailing her parents. She apologizes for manipulating Ralph, but continues to reject his help.
131 17 "Liberation" Jeff Byrd Jonathan Butler & Gabriel Garza April 28, 2020
Barry becomes suspicious of "Iris" and, with a skeptical Cecile's help, discovers Kamilla's evidence. However, Eva switched his equipment, causing Team Flash to believe he is the imposter and imprison him, though Cecile frees him. The mirror duplicates approach Rosso for his blood in exchange for freeing him, with Mirror Kamilla sacrificing herself to do so. Though Rosso donates his blood, he chooses to remain imprisoned as part of his own plans. Iris discovers Eva's treachery, but gets captured. Mirror Iris gives Eva the blood and wounds a weakened Barry. While watching the battle, Iris taunts Eva with her love for Carver, causing Eva to suffer a mental breakdown and impair Mirror Iris. Barry encourages Mirror Iris to live for herself, but Eva shatters her before stepping out of the mirrorverse and wounding Barry further. Despite his weakened state, Eva chooses to leave and enact her plans instead of killing him. As he heals, Barry and Iris promise to hold on for each other's sake before the latter searches for Kamilla and Singh. Meanwhile, Cisco and Ralph find Caitlin suffering from a hypothermic reaction due to her fight with Sunshine. Once she counters it, Caitlin decides to visit her mother.
132 18 "Pay the Piper" Amanda Tapping Jess Carson May 5, 2020
Barry visits Joe to tell him what happened before telling Team Flash about the mirror clones. Following attacks by four non-communicative Godspeed drones throughout the past year, Godspeed himself seemingly attacks so he can drain Barry's speed using thunderous vibrations. Realizing they need a vibrations expert, Barry finds Hartley, who resents him in the post-Crisis timeline after he destabilized his henchman and boyfriend, Roderick's, molecules years prior. The two reconcile and bond over taking responsibility for their loved ones before learning that Godspeed acquired his drones' speed and has taken hostages. Barry and Hartley join forces to combine their powers and defeat Godspeed. Though they discover it was another drone and that it was sent by someone wanting infinite velocity, they are able to use its "charged sound" to save Roderick. Following this, Cisco becomes inspired to build a perpetual motion machine using Atlantean materials to save their friends from the mirrorverse. Meanwhile, Iris finds Kamilla, but begins to succumb to neural dissonance like Eva did, Ralph helps Frost come to terms with properly meeting Caitlin's mother, and Eva prepares to confront her husband.
133 19 "Success is Assured" Philip Chipera Kelly Wheeler & Lauren Barnett May 12, 2020
Barry warns Carver about Eva after Mirror Singh destroys Black Hole's warehouse, but he rebuffs him until he learns Eva captured his metas, forcing him to accept. Mirror Singh offers to return Iris in exchange for Carver, but Nash has everyone flee before Barry can answer. Hiding at McCulloch Tech, Ralph discovers that Sue joined Black Hole to kill Carver, so he tries to dissuade her. Having sided with Eva, the Black Hole metas disable the security system and attack. As Nash, Allegra, Ralph, and Sue battle them, Mirror Singh sacrifices himself to get Eva inside and knock out Barry. Despite the Flash's best efforts, Eva kills Carver and takes her company back, though she lets Team Flash go. Eva reveals herself to the public, claiming she was held hostage by a crime syndicate and Carver died saving her. With Carver dead, Sue celebrates her family's freedom until Ralph reveals Eva framed her for his murder. As Joe returns from witness protection, Team Flash plans to rescue their friends from the Mirrorverse while Caitlin departs with her mother for treatment. Meanwhile, Iris is able to concentrate enough to find Singh, but the neural dissonance intensifies until she inexplicably vanishes before Kamilla's eyes.

Writing[edit | edit source]

In the second half, Mob announced and said "This part will feel much like Season 2. It will have the Season 2 vibe, which will make many excited for it. Mob announced that Wally West would return in Episode 17 of Season 6.

Mob said:

Mob: I took heaps from the second season and looked into how to make this "Graphic Novel" feel like Season 2, but completely fresh. And since I am doing Season 7 myself, I knew I could expand on one thing and one thing only - and that is the great connection between Barry and his team.